The Latest in Veterinary Imaging Systems

Veterinary imaging is perhaps the most difficult of all clinical imaging practices. Animals come in all sizes, many species and animals respond little to commands to hold their breath. Digital Radiography has come a long way to solving the veterinary imaging conundrum. Now, almost every image is a keeper from a technique point of view.  With Digital Radiography, you can concentrate on good positioning as you make the exposure and within seconds see the image. Quality, speed and reliability allow veterinarians to make better diagnosis, demonstrate pathology to pet owners and ultimately enhance the operation of the clinic. HTMI can provide the latest in DR or CR to couple with new or pre-owned veterinary x-ray systems. If you have a current x-ray system and you would like to upgrade, we can add our DR panels easily to most existing systems. If you want to go digital but budget is the major consideration, then our CR systems may suit your needs.  At HTMI, we have the products to help make your veterinary imaging department function to your desired level.