1. Warranties: HTMI (Hi-Tech Medical Imaging) neither gives nor implies any warranty beyond those warranties specified herein. Additional warranties may be available via OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) but are the exclusive responsibility of the OEM to detail and or perform.
  2. All payments not specified in this quote will revert to full payment upon delivery.
  3. All product and or equipment orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee
  4. All payments not received within terms of this document will be subject to a monthly 1.5% late charge. All collection costs including, but not limited to attorney’s fee will be the responsibility of customer.
  5. HTMI will use its best efforts to investigate and verify the validity of all HTMI Suppliers, Partners.
    Contractors and or Agents. HTMI will take no responsibility for losses due to properly damages, bodily injury, loss of revenue or other business loss as a result of actions of its suppliers, individuals or corporations. HTMI carries liability insurance and will provide evidence of same via certificate of insurance upon request.
  6. All equipment and or products delivered to the customer’s premises will be the responsibility of the said customer as defined in this quote. After products leave the custody of HTMI personnel, agents, and or contractors, HTMI will bear no responsibility for loss, theft, damage or workability regardless of status of payment or insurance coverage of customer. Any product or equipment accepted by buyer from HTMI delivery or public delivery service will automatically become the sole responsibility of customer.
  7. HTMI assumes no responsibility or liability for workability of any product, service or equipment beyond those stated within this document.
  8. Unless otherwise specified herein, all freight costs and taxes either local, state, federal or otherwise, will be paid by customer in addition to the herein, stated price. Freight and tax will be customer’s responsibility as incurred or required by local, state, and federal law.
  9. All site preparation and equipment / product requirements either mechanical, electrical, plumbing or otherwise will be the responsibility of the customer. HTMI will supply to customer, customer’s contractor and or architect drawings with OEM specifications., It is understood drawings are informational and are not to be used for construction without proper review by customer’s contractor, engineer, or architect.
  10. It is agreed any disputes, legal challenges and / or lawsuits will be litigated in the State of New York.