X-Ray Room Design and Construction Services

Every radiology room needs proper planning.  HTMI specializes in preparing drawings to scale to help plan out your radiology room design.  Need to get a design presentation together for administration or a board of director approval?  Let HTMI help.  We can work with you on all of your X-Ray room design needs to get that renovation approved.  Our X-ray room design drawings are professional documents with architectural dimensioning, electrical design and notations, construction design and notations and X-ray safety design.  We make sure our x-ray room design drawings give your contractors a clear direction on the X-ray room build-out to meet the specifications of the X-ray equipment being purchased.

HTMI has years of experience in X-ray room design and have hundreds of projects that have successfully been completed. 

Our comprehensive knowledge of all radiography products allows us to provide the most cost effective and practical planning in the industry.  We can save you both time and money on x-ray room construction costs.

Our team of experts have helped design many x-ray suites for a variety of locations.  We will walk you through:

  • Floor plan and imagine equipment layout
  • X-ray room electrical requirements
  • Room shielding requirements
  • Imaging equipment consultation and pricing
  • Digital X-ray overview
  • Sample X-ray room photos and room drawings

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