FRS Classic

The FRS Classic is an exceptional value, both in functionality and cost of ownership. The FRS comes standard with an industry-leading 5-year parts warranty. Improve productivity by migrating most radiological exams to standing positions. The FRS Classic is hospital grade equipment that can handle the busiest of clinics or hospital environments. It is a cost effect system with an industry leading 5-Year warranty.

FRS Classic Features

  • Single-detector solution
  • Minimal learning curve
  • Includes 500 lb. patient mobile table
  • Motorized detector stand
  • Designed to improve patient through-put
  • Simple, durable design minimizes downtime and allows for fast installation

FRS Classic Tube Stand:

  • Floor Mount, non-rotating
  • Available as right or left shoot position
  • Fits in 8’ ceiling
  • 95.5 in. x 17 in. floor rail with 106 in. (8 ft. 10 in.) total system length including floor rail and receptor stand
  • Angulation dial, operator handgrips, and electric locks
  • Platform Tube Mount with cooling fan for x-ray tube

Mobile Radiographic Table:

  • 30 in. x 80 in. flat, seamless table top
  • 27.5 in. table height
  • Hospital-grade swivel casters with locks
  • 500 lb. rated patient load
  • Electrical power not required


  • 150 kVp rated collimator
  • Multi-layer, square field
  • LASER positioning light
  • Tape Measure
  • Minimum Inherent Filtration: 2mm Al equivalent
  • White LED Light Source
  • 6 pairs of shutters

Receptor Stand

  • Heavy-duty Receptor stand with motorized vertical travel
  • Foot switch and column button actuation for motorized vertical travel
  • Rotating, center-mount enclosure with receptor tray or mounting plate for fixed DR pane
  • Manual rotating enclosure with angulation gauge in 5-degree increments
  • Receptor rotation -15° to +105°
  • Removable grid
  • 10:1, 103 line, 40 – 72 in. (52 in) focus grid
  • Collision sensors for patient and equipment protection


HTMI offers a variety of generators to configure with the FRS Classic. Our imaging sales consultants will help you find the best solution for your practice.

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