DFMT Elite

The DFMT Elite is designed for high-volume throughput for Hospitals. Orthopedics, and Medical Imaging Facilities. The DFMT Elite can perform a broad range of exams while optimizing technologist productivity and patient workflow. This system stands out in the class of high-performance medical systems with its 5-year parts warranty.

DFMT Features

  • Robustly designed for high-volume facilities
  • Smart Button Technology
  • Buttons for vertical and horizontal movement intuitively swap functions for seamless operation
  • Adaptive Optimal Display- display changes orientation for easy viewing
  • Simple service
  • LED operational status indicators

DFMT Specifications

DFMT Elite Tube Stand:

  • Free-standing floor mount
  • Technologist-friendly, smart button technology
  • Adaptive Optimal Display
  • +/- 180° column rotation, 8.5” transverse travel
  • +/- 135° tube angulation with detents at zero and +/-90°
  • 15” – 72” vertical travel
  • Easily fits into 8’ ceiling height (92.5” ceiling minimum)


  • Elevating
  • 650 lb. Patient Rated with Collision Protection
  • Recessed foot pedals for patient safety
  • 30” x 84” flat table top
  • 23” – 34” variable working height with working height indicator light
  • 30” longitudinal travel; 10” transverse travel
  • Table-top lock release and elevation handle


  • 150 kVp rated collimator
  • Multi-layer, square field
  • LASER positioning light
  • Tape Measure
  • Minimum Inherent Filtration: 2mm Al equivalent
  • White LED Light Source
  • 6 pairs of shutters

Wall Stand:

  • Vertical travel of Detector Center: 15” –70” above finished floor
  • Center or side mount, available
  • Ergonomic lock release and positioning handle
  • PA Hand Grips
  • Overhead Patient Grip
  • Remote Collimator Light


HTMI offers a variety of generators to configure with the OTS Classic. Our imaging sales consultants will help you find the best solution for your practice.

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