AAU Classic

The AAU Classic is a single-detector radiology system designed for high-volume facilities. Improve productivity and throughput by migrating most radiological exams to standing positions. The AAU Classic is a cost effect system with an industry leading 5-Year warranty.

AAU Classic Features

  • Detector-neutral
  • Solid and ergonomic design
  • Fully motorized
  • Auto-positioning using 18 customizable equipment memory positions
  • Smart location software allows for use in various ceiling heights
  • Advanced optimal display remains upright for easy reading of screen regardless of arm position
  • Designed for use with fixed flat panel detectors

Auto Positioning:

The AAU Classic is designed for-

  • Unique equipment positions required for challenging exams
  • Different equipment positions required for physician preference
  • Commonly-used positions for faster positioning


  • 6” touch screen
  • Soft-touch membrane buttons for equipment positioning refinements
  • Simultaneous and faster equipment positioning using two movement buttons at one time
  • Hot keys for table and upright positions

Fully Motorized:

  • Turtle Speed for gentle movements when patient is present
  • Rabbit Speed for fast, efficient positioning between patients

Additional Options:

  • Remote control
  • Mobile table
  • Asymmetrical collimator


HTMI offers a variety of generators to configure with the AAU Classic. Our imaging sales consultants will help you find the best solution for your practice.

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