Orthoscan Mobile DI Mini C-Arm

Portable Digital Diagnostic Imaging and Fluoroscopy

The Orthoscan Mobile DI is the first and only mini C-arm designed specifically for your clinical and off-site imaging needs. Combine portability and ease of movement with industry-leading digital X-ray and fluoroscopy. Introduce additional procedures with established CPT codes for increased reimbursement. Improve your workflow and your patients’ satisfaction with Orthoscan Mobile DI.

Mobile DI Designed to go where you go

The Mobile DI is uniquely designed for those on the move. It is a 35lb self-contained mini C-arm. It offers ease of movement between satellite clinics, urgent care centers, athletic team sites, exam rooms, and other off-site locations with the optional wheeled storage case.

Get high-quality digital X-ray and fluoroscopy where you need it with the Mobile DI mini C-arm.

Mobile DI Designed to go where you go

Mobile DI Main Features

  • 15cm x 12cm CMOS flat detector
  • 24” LCD touchscreen monitor with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 for an immersive work experience
  • The advanced Orthtouch touchscreen user interface allows seamless operation of system controls while
  • 12” x 9.5” live image to see fine details of anatomy with vivid clarity
  • 15.9kg self-contained unit
  • Mobile accessory cart
  • Wheeled storage case
  • 60 second start-up time
  • Input power 120 – 230 VAC @ 50 – 60 Hz

Effortless Movement and Optimal Viewing

Mobile Accessory Cart

Easily transport your Mobile DI between exam rooms and clinics with the optional accessory cart.

Monitor Arm

Improved monitor arm articulation allows you to view real-time results with your patients on a detail-rich display.

Imaging Flexibility

Whether standing or sitting, reposition the detector to achieve optimal positioning of anatomy.

Mobile DI provides easy access to shoulder images as well as weight-bearing knee and foot views.

Additional Procedures

Discover the possibilities of an improved workflow, increased patient satisfaction, and reduced lead times with these additional procedures:

  • Dynamic Views
  • Radiologic Examinations
  • Pin Removals
  • Motion Studies
  • Arthrography
  • Fluoroscopic Guided Injections
  • Stress Views
  • Closed Reductions
  • Joint Stability Tests
Orthoscan Mobile DI

Mobile DI Accessories

  • Accessory Cart – Increased maneuverability and positioning. 24″ touchscreen monitor.
  • Desktop Setup – 24″ touchscreen monitor & keyboard for desktop imaging.
  • Foot Bench – Capture weight-bearing foot and ankle shots.
  • Wheeled Storage Case – Easily transport Mobile DI between locations.
  • Covers & Drapes – Custom fitted to keep Mobile DI protected.

Increased Reimbursement Available CPT Codes for Mobile DI

Use fluoroscopy to bill for additional procedures. See the listing of common procedures below to help estimate your potential revenue. You can also reference our return-on-investment calculator.

76000 Fluoroscopy, up to one hour $47.00
77002 Fluoroscopic needle guidance $103.00
77071 Stress view $51.00
73030 Shoulder, radiologic examination $30.00
73110 Wrist, radiologic examination $37.00
73564 Knee, radiologic examination $42.00
73630 Foot, radiologic examination $31.00
73580 Knee, radiologic exam, arthrography $129.00

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