Reliable and Affordable Medical Imaging Equipment

When patients come to the clinic, many expect to get full service including imaging services.  The time it takes to go to the hospital or local imaging center is in many situations a burden a patient does not want to bear.  Having an imaging system in your clinic is a great asset for both the healthcare provider and the patient.  With the advent of digital, images are better than ever with easy mobility for referrals and professional interpretation.  HMII has both new and pre-owned equipment to suite any and all needs and budgets.  We can provide  equipment leasing that allows the clinic to have excellent imaging system for as little as $150.00 down with the first payment due in six months!  This allows reimbursement to build up to keep your cash flow positive.

External link opens in new tab or windowHI-TECH MEDICAL IMAGING INC. Our Medical Imaging Devices Include:

  • New and Pre-Owned X-Ray Systems

  • New CR and DR Digital Imaging Systems
    (See Fuji DR Plates pictured to the right)

  • Accessory Items

Imaging Purchasing Services

Planning a new building or have a room in your clinic you would like to install an x-ray system?  HMII will provide imaging consultations to determine equipment needed and then provide detailed professional scale drawings to determine equipment workability.  All these services are at no charge.  We just expect due consideration for providing the needed imaging equipment.  Call Rick at 1-662-895-9205/1-866-892-3080 to schedule a time to review your needs and requirements.