Faster Hi-Tech Chiropractic Imaging

Improving Your Chiropractic Solutions

External link opens in new tab or windowRadiology technician Provide faster and more reliable chiropractic imaging services to your patients with the help of Hi-Tech Medical Imaging.   With our innovative chiropractic imaging system such as the iCRco full spine iDR system (pictured above) or the 17x17 DR Plate (also pictured above) images are great and available in seconds.  With our iCRco special tools software cervical curve and pelvic tilt can be demonstrated with ease and great clarity to the patient. Get rid of the old film processor and turn the darkroom into a storage room with our new technology.  With lower equipment prices and great lease options,  this is the best time ever to go digital!!!


Why Choose Our Chiropractic Imaging Products?

More and more chiropractors are installing the latest imaging products in their clinics not only to improve their services, but also for the convenience these devices bring.  iCRco has manufactured the latest and greatest in both hardware and software.  The iDR product line in 14x17 or 14x34 versions (pictured above) give the Chiropractor quick imaging solutions at very reasonable cost.  The 17x17 Air DR (pictured above) is no doubt the latest and greatest in DR plate technology and will upgrade most any existing x-ray system into state of the art imaging at a surprisingly reasonable cost.  The iCRco software is one of the best intrepative tools yet to demonstrate to the patient their treatment options.

Equipment Purchasing Options and Services

Considering a new office or looking to replace your existing x-ray system, call Rick with HMII to discuss options from moving existing, upgrading existing or all new equipment.  We have both new and pre-owned equipment x-ray systems.  We do repairs on most all x-ray equipment and treatment tables.  When you have imaging needs, HMII is your one stop shop to get it done!! 

Call HMII at 1-662-895-9205 / 1-866-892-3080 to discuss your needs.